Evernote is useful program that can help you to keep up with information that surrounds us in modern life!

As a web service and a set of software for creating and storing notes, this software designed for simple users as well as for businessmen; all you need is computer to keep any kind of information for you.

By the way, Evernote has a blog in twitter and habrahabr where you can check the latest updates and interesting news about this program.

Download Evernote for free and get the following top key features:

  • Collect wide range of information (snapshots, web pages, sounds or video) from any kind of place;
  • Quick synchronization of Evernote data with your devices or PC;
  • Save web pages you want to browse offline later;
  • Share data with your friends or co-workers;
  • And more other interesting functions such as “Plan your trip” (collect scans of your documents, booking, and flights in one place) or “Atlas” (save the places you visited with Evernote).

Thereby, Evernote with its simple and convenient interface is a great solution for you to be up to date, download it for free and get all these advantages!

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Monica Brekke, 18.11.2015
you are the best. thank you

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